Sample Development

Once your ideas are on paper, the challenges of production can begin. But the process doesn’t have to be more challenging or complicated than it needs to be. We are clothing manufacturer with years of experience, an impressive portfolio, strict quality controls and operations all over the world, then you can rest assured that the clothing manufacturing process will be a breeze. That leaves your more time to focus on marketing your current products, developing new ones, or simply managing your daily operations.


No matter the size of your order or the location of your business, our factories can fill the need quickly, well in advance of your deadline. Supernova Apparels Ltd has operations in all over the Port City 'Chittagong, Bangladesh'. So there is always a clothing manufacturer in our network that can produce your apparel on time. Each of these facilities has strict quality controls in place, with socially conscious policies and thorough inspection procedures that ensure your clothing is made in a way you can be proud of.

Quality Control

Pre-production inspection – This allows us to eliminate any potential setbacks and identify issues prior to production, so we can rectify those quickly and efficiently before production begins. Mid-production inspection – Our random, mid-production inspection ensures that the quality of the goods is maintained throughout the production cycle (cutting, dying, sewing, finishing and washing) and that the production schedule is being followed. Final inspection – This is a random inspection hours prior to completion of production. It confirms final quantity and quality All these processes are executed, keeping the buyers deadline in mind.


A strong ongoing relationship with major shipping lines and freight carriers ensures priority treatment is given to us, so that your orders reach you on time and in perfect condition. And our experience in shipping allows us to work smoothly with your Nominated Shipping Company as well.